Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Statement Preparation and Business Planning

Mr. Kanji is part of a team of expert accountants who have a combined experience of over 25+ years in accounting and financial services. We specialize in helping our clients with all aspects of financial planning and accounting needs for your corporation and small business. He also specializes in personal finance from income tax preparation to financial planning. Ledgers Kitchener is the ultimate one stop shop for all your financial needs.

Expertise on corporate and personal taxes, financial planning, and tax planning

Combined with the expertise of Mr. Shabbir who has his Bachelor of Business Administrative Studies with honours majoring in Finance and Accounting from York University Ledgers will have the solutions needed for your business. Mr. Shabbir also has his Certification in Financial Planning (FPSC Level 1) issued by the Financial Planning Standards Council.

Your business needs the financial services of Ledgers

Providing support for all Individuals and Businesses whether you are an employee, sole proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation. If you are unhappy with your current accountant or want someone to have a second look they are happy to provide a free consultation and a review of your taxes and or books. Registering a new business or new start up can be facilitated. Give Ledgers a call us to make sure they help you take the right steps with Ledgers QuickStart Program. A business set up the right way can help with saving taxes, legal problems, and your estate planning.

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