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Midtown Yoga Grand Opening Special
Midtown Yoga Grand Opening Special

Voted “Best Yoga Studio” in the Waterloo Region by Echo Magazine’s “Reader’s Choice Awards”, Midtown Yoga’s owner David Tiviluk was also voted “Best Yoga Instructor” in the fall of 2009. This eco-conscious, feng-shui designed, clean and contemporary yoga studio offers a first-class hot yoga experience in a spa-like atmosphere 36 times (classes) a week.

Midtown Yoga is the only hot yoga studio in the Waterloo Region offering the world-famous Bikram Yoga series, the original hot yoga. This series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises functions as one-stop shopping for your exercise needs, providing trimming and toning, weight loss (approximately 1000 calories are burned per class), cardiovascular exercise, and the coveted internal benefits of yoga—calm-mindedness, diminishment of stress, spiritual attunement, increased emotional balance and mental clarity. The class is suitable for practitioners of all ages and levels of ability.

When David first drove through Belmont Village intending to open a studio in Kitchener-Waterloo, he knew he had found the perfect home for his studio. Centrally located in the Waterloo Region and with a “cozy charm” which he could call home, the studio opened in “The Village” April 2008 and was soon the talk of the town.

A dedicated yoga practitioner since his teens, David had tried most of the major yoga trends in existence when he took his first Bikram class in Vancouver in the fall of 2000. He was immediately hooked by the extraordinary benefits he received even after his first class: “Never before had I received all of the acclaimed benefits of yoga immediately, simultaneous with the benefits of an intense workout. I was shocked by how good I felt even after the first class.” After that class he resolved to become a Bikram Yoga instructor and within weeks resolved to open his own studio.

The Bikram Yoga series is being practiced by millions of people globally in hundreds of studios from Bombay to Paris, and New York City to Beijing. Celebrities such as Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Madonna have embraced Bikram Yoga, and sports stars such as Kareem Abdul Jabar, John McEnroe and Wayne Gretzky have credited the Bikram Yoga practice with helping to extend their careers and keep them injury-free.

Now Bikram Yoga is available for the good people of the Waterloo Region to improve their health and well-being.

Check the website midtown.yoga or phone the studio 519-749-9888 for more details.