Beautiful spacious hair studio with experienced hair stylists

There’s no mistaking the Red Door Salon as you approach the outside of this hair studio located just off Belmont Ave on the side street of Calremont. The giant colourful sign and red door will let you know you’ve arrived, and while the outside would lend you to believe it’s a quaint space, as we walk through the door we’re surprised at the high ceilings, sunlit studio and spacious main floor. As we walk deeper into the studio a set of stairs decorated by a beautiful glass guard leads us to an entire lower level of the salon.

At the front door we’re greeted by a golden bust of Elvis with googly eyes and a little further in a golden cat wearing a tiara. Around the corner a painting of what we believe to be a Wookie with a monocle lets us know they don’t take themselves too seriously here. We’re greeted by stylist Joe Jericho who has been in the hair industry for 25 years. There’s no reception desk because each of the stylists work independently. When you book an appointment you book directly with your preferred stylist via phone or text message. While you might think this creates an atmosphere of competition, it in fact is the opposite.

Nine stylists in total use the space and have experience ranging from 5 years to 30 years. They all have unique specialties and experience. This makes for an amazing environment of collaboration as stylists bounce ideas off each other tapping into the wealth of experience. Joe tells us his specialty is curly hair, while another stylist we’re introduced to is actively working on hair extensions. Each of these stylists also brings their own personal experience with product and use the products they genuinely believe are best for your hair. We’re shown an organic, vegan product line, Neuma that we’re told, you could actually eat, and was created by a Canadian. Joe is a Goldwell colour technician, an innovative salon line he has extensive experience with.

We finally get to meet Hollie, the owner of Red Door and almost instantly we know where the community feel of her salon space comes from. Hollie gives us the history that they’ve been in the space for just over four years now. She tells me Saturday is a great day for new clients if you were in the market for a stylist. She says they love having bridal parties in and have stylists who also specialize in makeup. With the sun streaming in their big front windows it really would be a great place to have your bridal party’s hair styled.

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