image001You have walked in to find out more about me.

I am Joan Pries and I have had many life experiences which have molded and shaped me as I journey here on this amazing planet Earth. My family, friends, colleagues, life-journey-partners, the numerous roles which I chose to play such as a classical singer, choral conductor, church musician, teacher, real estate broker, property manager and always a student, have brought me to where I am today. Such richness! Such diversity! The life lessons of being a Child of the Universe; a partner – at all levels, a parent, a self-employed business woman, a co-creator of all things, have instilled much appreciation, gratitude and humbleness within me.

This has brought me to seeing, acknowledging and being open to yet another role of my Life Path…that of Healer; a Facilitator in helping you in your own walk for improved health in Body, Mind and Spirit. To help you bring balance in all levels of self-healing.

So walk in, join me in your journey of energy healing and self-care-awareness.