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The Belmont Village BIA


We're looking for Volunteers!

The Belmont Village BIA is looking for volunteers to assist in helping to serve and grow the many services and benefits of the "Village."

For nearly 70 years, the Village has been serving the needs of communities such as Old Westmount and surrounding area.

Today, the Village is more popular than ever as it has become an oasis within the City of Kitchener during these challenging times. The Belmont Village BIA and participating businesses have responded to these challenges by making the Village more accessible, providing everyone with a safe environment to bring family and friends together. It truly is a Village!

You can help us make it even better!

Volunteer Now

Volunteers with Green Thumbs – WE NEED YOU!

Volunteers with Green Thumbs – WE NEED YOU!

Spring will be here soon! We are looking forward with anticipation to sitting down at our favourite restaurant or cafe in Belmont Village.

We are looking for a talented team of volunteers to take responsibility to design, plant and care for the planters in the Belmont Village for the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Last year, 6 big potted planters and 4 wooden planters were strategically placed to cordon off the slip lanes that were converted to outdoor seating throughout the summer and fall. This year, we plan on adding an additional 4 or 5 planters near Janet Lynn's Bistro and throughout the Village

The City of Kitchener will continue to maintain the gardens as they have in the past.

  • Design the planters and greenery to be approved by The Belmont Village BIA
  • Purchase the plants and materials approved by the BIA
  • Plant and maintain (weed and water) the planters through the spring, summer, and fall

Your reward:

  • Accolades from everyone who enjoys your floral presentation and a summer of enjoyment sitting outside in KW's best village streetscape

Belmont Village - Yours to Enjoy

Nestled in the heart of Old Westmount is Belmont Village. Quaint and relaxed, residents from the neighbourhood take a casual stroll down to "The Village" – as it's often referred to – for morning coffee, yoga, brunch, or a little shopping. Even the corporate lifestyle is more relaxed here. Things seem to slow down. Life is less hectic.

In the evening, young and the young at heart gather at the local eateries and bistros to take in the tree-lined street while enjoying local cuisine. Aromas waft through the air, greeting hungry patrons. It's quiet here – only laughter and conversation break the peacefulness.

The Village is an oasis of calm. You linger, then stroll into local shops and businesses. There's no rush. You have lots of time to get to your appointment at the salon, spa, massage, or health care specialist. You have time to treat yourself to a scone or doughnut – real food made from scratch, ingredients sourced locally. And, no need to worry about fighting traffic or searching for a parking spot – there's plenty of parking.

The Village on Belmont – now you know why residents of Old Westmount treasure it. And you can too!

Visit our website weekly to see what's happening in the Village. From car rallies to Bestival to Christmas in the Village – it's yours to enjoy!

Belmont Village

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