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Belmont Village - Yours to Enjoy

Nestled in the heart of Old Westmount is Belmont Village. Quaint and relaxed, residents from the neighbourhood take a casual stroll down to "The Village" – as it's often referred to – for morning coffee, yoga, brunch, or a little shopping. Even the corporate lifestyle is more relaxed here. Things seem to slow down. Life is less hectic.

In the evening, young and the young at heart gather at the local eateries and bistros to take in the tree-lined street while enjoying local cuisine. Aromas waft through the air, greeting hungry patrons. It's quiet here – only laughter and conversation break the peacefulness.

The Village is an oasis of calm. You linger, then stroll into local shops and businesses. There's no rush. You have lots of time to get to your appointment at the salon, spa, massage, or health care specialist. You have time to treat yourself to a scone or doughnut – real food made from scratch, ingredients sourced locally. And, no need to worry about fighting traffic or searching for a parking spot – there's plenty of parking.

The Village on Belmont – now you know why residents of Old Westmount treasure it. And you can too!

Visit our website weekly to see what's happening in the Village. From car rallies to Bestival to Christmas in the Village – it's yours to enjoy!

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In response to the pandemic, we have closed off the slip lane in front of some of the stores (see photo gallery). This will make it easier for the local businesses to serve you outside as you enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. The expanded patio will remain open until the end of September 2020. It will then revert to its orginal setup.  

We want to know: Do you want us to close off the slip lane again in the Spring of 2021?  

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