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Belmont Village BIA Business Page Form

Each participating business within the Belmont Village BIA will be given their own FREE custom page as part of the Belmont Village website.

The form on the right allows each individual business to provide specific details about their business.

We will take the information you provide and create your own unique page.

What we need from you!


We'll need a Hero Image (for the top of your page) and additional images that best represent your business to include in your photo gallery. These images can include staff, facilities, products and services.

Your images will only be used on your customized business page. Please provide us with high resolution files in either a JPEG or PNG format. If you have questions about photo formats or file size, please call Dan Reid at 519.886.0100 ext 311.


Please complete the form on this page. We will review and edit your copy, then format the content to reflect the Arabella Park Beer example (see below). Please provide us with a phone number so we can call you directly to clarify any questions we might have. Once we have completed your page, we will provide you with a link to your custom page so that you can review, edit and provide final approval to take your page live at the appropriate time.

This service is being provided free of charge by the Belmont Village BIA as part of our ongoing efforts to promote and market all invidual businesses within the Village. 

If you have any questions about your custom page, please call Dan Reid at 519.886.0100 ext 311 at Emerge2 Digital. 

~ The Belmont Village BIA 


Sample Layout

Your Custom BIA web page

See Arabella's example. 8 to 10 words should be sufficient.
See Arabella's example. Share with your customers why they should be doing business with you. Not just what you do.
*Do you have logo artwork?
Do you have a website?
Provide any additional contact information.

(* indicates a required field.)

Bringing People Together

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