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The Belmont Village BIA is looking for volunteers to assist in helping to serve and grow the many services and benefits of the "Village."

For nearly 70 years, the Village has been serving the needs of communities such as Old Westmount and surrounding area.   

Today, the Village is more popular than ever as it has become an oasis within the City of Kitchener during these challenging times. The Belmont Village BIA and participating businesses have responded to these challenges by making the Village more accessible, providing everyone with a safe environment to bring family and friends together. It truly is a Village!

As Canadians, we want to support small business. We want them to succeed and thrive. And you'll find no better example than Belmont Village.

A recent survey undertaken by the BIA confirms the need for a vibrant village. Over 75% of respondents either walk or bike to the Village with nearly 60% visiting daily or weekly. Why do they come? To enjoy the Village vibe, with its ease of access and outdoor facilities.

And, you can help.  

We want to make the Belmont Village even better. But we need your help. If you enjoy the Village, please consider volunteering a few hours of your time to make the Village even more vibrant and successful.  

Be part of the Village's success.

"I am so glad this village patio opened. I've lived in KW for a decade and this change is special. Walking down Belmont with so many of my community neighbours enjoying themselves outside makes the city feel whole. I really hope this becomes a permanent fixture of our little BIA and the region at large."

"Very proud of the Village and all of the businesses who have put the effort into making Belmont an amazing place to visit."

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the attached form and submit it. A volunteer from the BIA will respond by phone or email. You can make a difference! 

~ The Belmont Village BIA Team

PS - It's a great way for high school students to complete their 40 hours of community involvement in order to receive their high school diploma.  (See

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